I haven't released a soundtrack (or song) for a while - I have been writing/working alot but sometimes I need a bit of a push along to prioritise this important part of my work.
Thankyou Fatima Hye Black Revel Productions for suggesting we release soundtrack for feature film 'Ana & Mia'. We have been going through the assembly and naming/ordering process and I do this on ReelCrafter (see image)
Super excited and grateful to have Phil Owen and Skatenigs track "Hell and Back Again (Ten Feet Tall Remix by The Joy Thieves)" included on the soundtrack- kicka$$ song and suits the dark and intense vibe of this release.
I've been brutal (of course!) and cut it down to 17 tracks of mine- This release is HEAVILY sound design, electronic and ambient/textural in nature and DARK -- reflecting a toxic friendship, so i spent time remixing and re-arranging and polishing up the tracks for stand alone use. Influences were artists like: Mica Levi, Cliff Martinez....
Choosing a distributor was an interesting process: DistroKid didn't work out as i had to put my name on every track (so didn't cater for having another artist on the OST), so went back to CD Baby and they allowed extra artists easily onto the release, and i was blown away with how super quick they reviewed the soundtrack and gave it the OK - like a matter of hours! (previously i'd had alot of delays with album covers/other details)
So it will be on all platforms soon....

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